For me, Nina is the best support I could have (along with her brother Bleaker and sister Lyla). She is a Pitt Terrier and she loves to love. My dog came to me by complete surprise and I just went with it. This was brand new. She needed help. I’ve never been a dog mom. I can’t even keep a plant alive.. and I was so nervous because I had no idea how to take care of myself never mind a dog! This dog though, she came into my life around 4.5-5 years old. She came with love and kindness from a beautiful family who had an unfortunate situation and couldn’t continue to care for her. I hit the jackpot with this one and I’ll forever thank Pacha NYC for introducing me to her absolutely amazing mommy. She is 11 now and looking back, she has helped me so many times and in extreme ways and I didn’t even know it. Her temperament is calming and loving and she is the ONLY one who can fill my heart and help me feel better when I am struggling badly. I never feel alone with her. She has always been witty, ditzy, loving, stubborn, and loyal and she still is to me and to our family every day. Nina Bear has been by my side through all of my worst times and she is my best friend in the entire world. She has helped my days in a way I can never amount to and I’m forever grateful. To more chicken, walks, tail chasing, and snuggles my favorite girl.. xo


Nina was diagnosed with cancer right into the pandemic. In May 2020, she began to quickly show symptoms of nausea, white gums, and fatigue. We rushed Nina to the closest ER late night/early morning after monitoring and seeing no positive turn. After an overnight stay (yes, I was frantic) and nobody to talk to directly because of Covid restrictions, I was told over the phone that my dog in fact showed cancerous tumors in her scan. I took her out of the hospital and brought her into Oradell Hospital (didn’t have good vibes about the other facility). We were then told she has white mast cell tumors, 2 on her spleen and 2 on her abdomen. She also has a mass that grows outside of her cute little butt. This type of cancer is also pretty aggressive. So, what did we do? We did our research, I asked Social Media and tried to find similar situations to compare and make sure I make the absolute best decision. After a lot of thought and multiple phone calls with an oncologist that I am thankful for every single day, we’ve entered a safe place at Oradell and a place of trust. After being given an approximate lifespan due to her cancer, we knew we had to kick ass and be the best parents in the next 3 -6 months because that is all I had left with her. When I say we, I mean my boyfriend and I. He is a huge part of Nina’s life and has been such an incredible team player. He has been so helpful not only with Nina, but with me dealing with this real life nightmare. Nina simply adores him and the love and fun they share together. She has been on 5 different chemo treatments with a 30-40% chance of taking so far, not much discomfort, and each happy day at a time, life is working. And guess what? Nina has absolutely no idea she has cancer. She just sometimes knows something is on her butt and she likes to itch it and bother it which causes it to get a bit inflamed and sometimes bleed. It is August 2021. I have been lucky enough to have her in my day every day and the most pain she has is a finger in her butt by the Dr.! She is a beast and she is handling treatment like the true champ that she is. My little hero!!! Our connection with our animals means so much and if we worry, so will they. I totally freak out since she’s been diagnosed and I have cried when I get too much in my head, but never in front of her. I am strong for her. I show up for her. And I refuse to be selfish and live in fear because what I have now is what makes me happy and the only thing I need to do is keep the same loving and happy vibe right back. She deserves to be happy every day and every minute.
She is my walking miracle.

“Pets don’t see imperfections, they only see lovE.” – Unknown

Nina loves her brother Bleaker (calls himself a cat but we swear he is half dog or rabbit). Bleaker’s biological sister Lyla is our little princess. We call her our Michelle Phieffer and Bleaker our George Clooney (But much more of a troublemaker). These cats were just a few weeks old and needed help. I packed them up at my office and traveled the train back to New Jersey. I bottle fed my babies and I never knew I could like a cat until them. I adore them even though they drive me crazy. Watching all of their relationships grow in the past years has been hysterical and so cute. The cats owned the house and then Nina came in and changed it all up. But they manage. With depression, these animals save me. Animals accept us and they give us unconditional love and we don’t deserve what they give us.

Nina loves the sand but hates the water! She loves her dad and has grew quite the bond with him. She has done so much to make my days brighter! I literally enjoy my dates with her better than anybody else!

Nina getting diagnosed gave me guilt because I truly felt thankful for the pandemic for that slight and small reason because it’s given me the time and relieved stress by being able to be with her during this time. Day and night we were with her, or at least one of us was, probably more for my comfort than Nina’s. It took me time to accept her diagnosis and I couldn’t help but think the worst. I had to know what she was doing at all times. But having so much time together, we’ve made so many more memories. And I’m lucky enough to still make them with her every day, my angel.

I will continue to share my baby girl’s journey. She is so strong and I am amazed at the care her Dr. has done for her at Oradell. It makes things more comfortable when you fully trust and communicate with the vet. Her oncologist at this point tells me what to do and I do exactly that.

Best emotional support dog and a I said, my bestie for life!



  1. S Hinchcliffe says:

    It has been wonderful to see how far you are coming with the love of your adorable pets who hold so much love for you -sharyn

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dani says:

      Thank you! They really are the best 🙂


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