All you can talk bipolar and all that surrounds it. Ups and downs. Smiles and frowns. Raw and real. Welcome to my open book of the several ways of how I feel. The posts I’ll share with you will be honest..but not all roses and butterflies. I will get there one day though! And so will YOU! I hope my truth will help you understand my reality and not judge. Those who have went through or are going through mental health struggles, you’re not alone. Life with bipolar disorder is a serious challenge but I know with hard work mentally and physically, we’ll make it through. I will journal as I begin to learn a life more balanced and a better way to live every day. Can I do it?

Well, here we go..

I really appreciate you stopping by and I would love for you to subscribe and join in on my journey. I would love any feedback. I hope those who are struggling day to day with mental health can get something out of my blog. Love you all. Xo